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Board of Trustees

Dr Peter Phillips (consultant physician)
Chairman – Board of Trustees
Mr Howard Lyons
Treasurer – Board of Trustees
Chairman – Business Advisory Committee
Dr Helen Sarah Barratt
Regional Rep – Northern Ireland
Dr Moyna Bill (consultant anaesthetist)
Regional Rep – Northern Ireland
Miss Liz Capper
Board Member
Dr Jonathan Fisher
Prof Margaret Hodson (consultant physician)
Regional Rep – South-East England
Dr Mark Houghton (GP)
Regional Rep – North England
Christopher Borges da Silva
Chairman – Student Council
Dr Eugenia Lee (GP)
Regional Rep – South-East England
DrAndrew McArdle (paediatrician)
Chairman – Junior Doctors' Committee
Dr Huw Morgan
Mr Bernard Palmer (consultant surgeon)
Regional Rep – Hertfordshire
Dr Mark Pickering (GP)
Chairman – Graduates' Committee
Mr Philip Ross-Smith
Board Solicitor
Dr Johnson Samuel (consultant physician)
Regional Rep – Essex
Dr Maggy Spence (GP)
Regional Rep – South-East England
Dr Ken Toop (consultant in obstetrics and gynaecology)
Regional Reg – Northern England