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Dig Deeper

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Order Ref: Dig1009

Published by: IVP (2005)

Author: Nigel Beynon & Andrew Sach

ISBN: 9781844744312

Price: £9

Reading the Bible is at the centre of Christian living, and this set of tools to help one dig up its gems is something that will benefit every Christian. Dig Deeper is written both for personal and group study. Filled with activities and Bible passages, this book highlights different depths of the Bible that are not obvious at first glance. Sometimes, because of the way the modern Bible is sectioned, it becomes relatively harder to see the Bible themes. Dig Deeper shows us how to identify the themes running throughout the Bible, and encourages us to be Bible students in a way that isn't academic, but personal. This book encourages structured Bible reading, and highlights resources that can be used to aid study. After reading it once, I realised it's a book you need to buy instead of borrow; use it as a reference that you can access any time!

Review by Ayasha Mudondo, Birmingham

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