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National Conference

When: 22-24 April 2016
Where: Yarnfield Park, Stone, Staffordshire
Time: Registration from 17.00
Hosted by: CMF

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Please use the booking form below to reserve your place, and any additional family places.
* Please note that the retired rate is for doctors who have retired on substantially less than the NHS pension.

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Matters of first importance
The gospel: What? So what? Now what?

The church today - in particular the Western church - is engulfed in extraordinary confusion. It's a confusion about how we understand the nature of the gospel. Is it a personal decision to accept Christ into one's heart? Is it trying to live by the two great commandments, loving God and neighbour? Is it applying 'kingdom ethics'? All three of these actually miss the mark.

All this has a knock on effect for Christian doctors and nurses and we seek to be faithful to Christ in a world characterised by broken relationships, burgeoning physical and spiritual need and increasing hostility to Christian faith and values. What is crucially important? What does real faithfulness to Christ look like in our workplaces and communities? What should our priorities be? What principles should we apply in choosing how to expend our resources, energy and time?

In 1 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul guides a young church back to first principles: 'I delivered to you as of first importance what I also received.' (1 Corinthians 15:3). He's referring to what is primary to the Christian faith. In three talks we will try to gain more clarity as to what the gospel is. Then we will reflect on how this applies in our lives and relationships.

We pray you will be encouraged to live out your faith and bear witness to Christ with renewed confidence and commitment.

The National Conference brings together members at all stages of their career. There are separate seminar tracks for:

  • All Doctors
  • Junior Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Student Leaders*

*this track is by invitation only.

Families with children welcome - come and join us for a great weekend together!

Children's Programme

A team from YWAM England led by Andy Kennedy will be running our children and youth programmes. Games, creative prayer and worship, magic tricks, wide games, mess and fun, sports, circus skills and giant bubbles. Come dressed for action and maximum fun.


Don Carson is an evangelical New Testament scholar and is currently Research Professor of New Testament at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School in Deerfield, Illinois. He has a BSc in Chemistry from McGill University, an MDiv from Central Baptist Seminary in Toronto, and a PhD in Doctoral New Testament from Cambridge University.

He is a respected preacher and has written or edited more than 45 books, including commentaries on books of the Bible, the Sermon on the Mount, and the Gospel of John. He has also written books on prayer, suffering, free will and predestination.

Andrew Tomkins is Emeritus Professor of International Child Health at the Institute of Global Health, University College London. He has spent many years in Nigeria and the Gambia doing research in child health and now works with Tearfund on a number of projects.




Rendle Short Lecture

Inequalities in healthcare and health status between and within countries are well documented as are their social, economic, and political determinants. There has been less clarity about which interventions could improve access to healthcare services for the excluded. A biblical worldview contributes considerable additional understanding about the nature of exclusion and provides some principles for action. However there has been uncertainty about the role for doctors and other health professionals wishing to reduce inequalities in low and middle income countries (LMICs), in terms of 'who can do what' to make a difference. Intensive clinical and public health interventions by dedicated practitioners are important but may not be enough. There is increasing evidence that advocacy and social development programmes, supported strongly by health professionals, also make a difference. There are now many new opportunities for clinical work, research and training with LMICs for a wide range of health professionals, including those in church based programmes. Every Christian doctor and health professional can now develop their 'Personal Action Plan' in order to contribute to the reduction of global health inequalities.