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Christian Vocations
Christian Vocations exists to challenge Christians to discover and practise their God-given vocation and to mobilise them for his service. CV also provides a number of mission related courses. Goals in Extra Time is a course for 45yrs+, to explore gifts, ministries and opportunities. Which Way Days is a course designed to explore Christian service opportunities.
St James House
Trinity Road Dudley
West Midlands
tel: 01384 233511
fax: 01384 233032
Christians Abroad
Christians Abroad provides opportunities for volunteering and professional work in mission and development including medical work as well as a range of services for anyone participating in international development and Christian mission.

Electives in Africa and Asia (India, Sri Lanka etc).

Christians Abroad
Room 237 Bon Marché Centre
241-251 Ferndale Road
tel: 0870 770 7990
fax: 0870 770 7991
Medics Travel
A useful website for professionals and those students searching for elective placements. Lists a number of overseas hospitals both secular and mission.
Classified Directories of Christian Mission Opportunities.
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