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“One World or Many – The Impact of Globalisation on World Mission.”

Steven Fouch Part of the World Evangelical Alliance’s ongoing series on the Globalisation of Mission, this book aims to look at the spiritual, social, cultural, economic and environmental processes that are part of globalisation, and at how they influence and are influenced by Christian mission.

Globalisation is a major force affecting the lives not just of the rich and urbanised, but increasingly the poor and rural communities of the world. It is a force for good and ill, and always a force for change. How does this impact how we take the Good News to the poor? Is Globalisation a help or a hindrance, a threat or an opportunity, or is it all these and more?

Written by different authors from very different parts of the world and different professional and theological backgrounds, it offers a wide range of perspectives on globalisation– some quite theoretical, others more practical – all focussed on helping the modern mission movement respond creatively to one of the most major forces affecting our modern world.

‘One Word or Many’ is published on November 7 in the UK by Paternoster Press at £12.99; ISBN: 1842272403.

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    “One World or Many – The Impact of Globalisation on World Mission.”