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philosophical aspects

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Meaning 'self-determination', autonomy is the in word in modern medical ethics. However, many questions remain about the limits of autonomy and some are discussed below.

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These articles discuss the principles of general ethics issues related to medical practice, research, and new technologies.

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Evolution is often a controversial issue for Christians, who hold a variety of views about evolution and creation. The articles here address some of the complexities. How compatible is evolution with a Christian worldview? What are the difficulties with evolutionary theory?

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This is a term used by some philosophers to describe what characteristics make a 'person'. They argue that not all human beings are persons - rather that any higher animal with the right set of characteristics might be considered to have personhood. Does this attitude to humanity fit with Christian thinking?

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Postmodernism is the description given to the prevailing worldview in current Western culture. It poses a variety of challenges to Christianity.

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Whether on an individual level or a larger scale, suffering raises questions about God and life. The items below present a Christian understanding.

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the status of the embryo

The status of the embryo is core to many specific ethical questions and the implications are far reaching. Christians take different views. Items listed here explore some of these views.

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