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The Traveller's Good Health Guide (Book Review)

Easter 2008

From triple helix - Easter 2008 - The Traveller's Good Health Guide (Book Review) [p17]

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The Traveller's Good Health Guide - Dr Ted Lankester - Sheldon Press 2006 - £10.99 Pb 320pp - ISBN 0 85969 9914

This is no ordinary travel health guide. It's a personal one with medical advice for sending organisations, support for stress and burnout on the field, and a short textbook of tropical diseases thrown in for good measure. Simple enough for non-health professionals without patronising professionals, this excellent book caters for the longer-term vocational concerns of a missionary audience while not overlooking the different values and risks of travellers with different worldviews. For example, although the importance of sexual abstention or mutual monogamy is emphasised, condom use is also promoted vigorously. A further one-tenth of the book is devoted to malaria, the primary tropical health problem for British travellers. Increasingly, travellers are not the fit, healthy young sorts without pre-existing medical conditions. Obtaining appropriate advice for travellers with health issues – such as asthma, diabetes and pregnancy – can be bewildering. This book dispenses much wisdom on these conditions. Equally valuable are the chapters on managing stress and reverse culture shock. Perhaps the chapter on security is a little too brief, but otherwise it is hard to fault such a comprehensive book.

Article written by David Pitches

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