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The Shepherd is my Lord - A doctor reflects on the twenty-third psalm (Book Review

Easter 2008

From triple helix - Easter 2008 - The Shepherd is my Lord - A doctor reflects on the twenty-third psalm (Book Review [p17]

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The Shepherd is my Lord - A doctor reflects on the twenty-third psalm - Janet Goodall - CMF 2007 - £8.00 + p&p Pb 140pp - ISBN 978 0906 747377

Janet and I met 50 years ago, at medical school in Sheffield, and I have always admired her Christian walk. Her book on Psalm 23 certainly exalts the Shepherd in refreshing and challenging ways.

She approaches this subject as a gifted paediatrician but also as a person with a profound knowledge of sheep and shepherds. I like her reference to a favourite saying of shepherds – a sheep's worst enemy is another sheep!

Love of her Shepherd has been Janet's life-long inspiration. This is demonstrated in her love and esteem for children and her dedication in research and work for these 'whole persons'. In this book, she looks afresh at her favourite psalm and, along the way, shares stories about Christian friends and colleagues. Time and again, she focuses on their humility, which reflects the character of the Shepherd. She also draws rich personal applications from her personal walk with the Shepherd.

While this devotional and reflective work will be of natural interest to medics, The Shepherd is my Lord has broader appeal. It really is worth reading just one more book on Psalm 23!

Reviewed by:
John Davies
Retired GP living in London

Article written by John Davies

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