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Sydenham International Conference 2018

2018 logoRun by CMF in London, England
  • 4-12 February 2018
  • For medical students and young doctors from all over the world
  • To equip them for Christian leadership among medical students

The conference includes attendance at CMF's Student Conference, 9-11 February, Yarnfield, Staffordshire.

Enquiries: Please contact Dr John Greenall, conference organiser via, or the CMF London Office +44 20 7234 9660.

All completed forms need to be returned to:



Sydenham International Conference (SYD) aims to equip and enthuse delegates for leadership among Christian medical students in their own countries. The programme is rich in Bible teaching, seminars, and fellowship; focusing on principles of Godly leadership, and encouraging delegates to live faithfully as Christians in medicine.

The conference is intended for students who are actively involved in student ministry.

Although the programme for 2018 is not yet finalised, it will be very similar to the 2017 programme, which is available to download (see links at the bottom of the page). SYD also includes attendance at CMF's annual student conference, held in Staffordshire (9-11 February 2018).

Please note, the conference will be conducted in English, and there will not be any formal translation. Therefore all delegates must have sufficient conversational English to attend talks and enter into discussions in English without a translator.

This is what some students from previous conferences had to say...

"You will not regret going to Sydenham conference! It is such a fulfilling and enriching experience, you will not leave feeling so in love with Jesus and filled with the passion to expand His kingdom and see Him be glorified through your CMF."


"Don't miss this opportunity! It will change your life and the way you're thinking. It will open your eyes. It will encourage and inspire you more than you could ever imagine. You'll learn to trust God and his guidance, and you'll find yourself diving in to his Word with enthusiasm. You'll also see how important a position he has placed you in as a Christian medic. After this conference you won't be the same person anymore and your family has grown with these loving and kind sisters and brothers from all over the world."

"You should definitely go. This has literally been a life-changing event for me. You get to know quality people and learn so much interesting theology around medical principles. And also you get to buy good literature to take home. You'll take these experiences with you forever."

"Thank you so much for giving us the opportunity to come. It was such a gift from God :) Thank you for all the work and effort put into this both before and during the conference. Both Sydenham and the national conference were amazing. I think I have books and seminar notes to digest and reflect upon for a year to come. And a lot of ideas and practical tips for the work in our countries as well. Thank you so much. God bless you!"



The cost of the conference is £125. This includes attendance at Sydenham International Conference in London (4-9 February), and the National Student Conference in Staffordshire (9-11 February), and all accommodation, food and transport after arrival at the conference venue. The actual cost to CMF is over £250 per delegate, and donations from delegates or their national organisations to cover these costs would be very gratefully received.

Delegates are responsible for organising and funding their return travel to and from the UK and Visa applications (if applicable). For more details, please refer to the General Information document.

There is a limited amount of financial assistance available to cover the costs of your travel, visa and/or the conference fee itself. If you need financial assistance, please fill in and submit the Bursaries application form. No financial assistance will be given without submitting this form, which must be submitted by the application deadline: 02 October 2017.

Please note that payment is only required after you have been formally invited.

Time and Application Process

Please click on this timeline for details of how to apply, and links to all the forms you need.

ALL applications, including both references (see below) must be received before midnight UK time on 02 October 2017.

If you are making an application for a bursary, this must also be submitted by this date, along with your application form and two references. Bursary applications will not be considered after this date.

Only if there are spare places or if people drop out after this date, would we be able to consider new applications.


Places are limited, therefore attendance at the conference is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to applicants with the most involvement in student ministry, as assessed both by application form and reference. There are no reserved places for any particular country; even if we took just one applicant from each country where we received applications, we would be oversubscribed. We will not usually invited more than 1-2 delegates from a particular country. Most delegates come from Europe, the middle East or the former Soviet Union, but we do accept delegates from all over the world. Bursaries are also limited; in particular we can accept only a very small number of delegates requiring bursaries but travelling a long distance.

You will receive an email confirming receipt of your application once we receive it. If you do not receive confirmation, do let us know, in case your application form was trapped by our spam filter! After the deadline, all applications and references will be reviewed individually. You will then be contacted by email within two weeks of the deadline to confirm whether you have been offered a place.


Please supply contact details for TWO referees:

1. One should be a church leader, e.g. your Pastor

2. The other should be from a leader in your national Christian medical movement (or ICMDA Area Student Representative/Regional Representative)

Your referee should not be a family member or friend. If this is unavoidable please clarify on your application form the exact relationship of the person to you and why they were chosen as referee (for example your father is the sole leader of your church).

Please ask your referee to fill in the structured reference form , and email it to:

References must be received by the application deadline of 02 October 2017.


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