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Submission to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics on the ethics of mitochondrial donation (24/02/2012)

The bypassing of inherited mitochondrial abnormalities using donor eggs to create embryos free of the disorder is an advancing area of research (creating so-called 'three parent embryos'). The Nuffield Council...
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Peter Saunders blogs on 'three parent' embryos

15th April 2010: The papers this morning (15 April) are full of reports that researchers at Newcastle University have successfully produced 'three parent' embryos as a first step to preventing maternally transmitted mitochondrial disease. There are about 50 different known mitochondrial diseases...
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human material can be used in hybrid experiments without consent (nucleus - Christmas 2009)

New rules have given scientists working on stem cell research permission to use human tissue without the express consent of the individual it came from. The legislation, part of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008, came into force on 1st October and covers material such as blood and tissue...

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Hybrid hype exposed

5th October 2009: From the moment in early 2007 that the controversial proposal to create animal-human hybrids for embryonic stem cell research was mooted publicly, CMF was opposed on the grounds that the research was not just unethical but also unnecessary. Our CMF...
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CMF Submission to DoH: HFE Act 2008 regulations (30/03/2009)

Submission from the Christian Medical Fellowship to the Department of Health Consultation on Four sets of regulations required to implement provisions in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Act 2008 March...
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Joint statement to the House of Lords re Amendment 92 (29/10/2008)

Please do not vote for Amendment 92 Express consent must remain as an inviolable human right Amendment 92 would allow the use of tissue from children, mentally incapacitated adults, and...
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CMF Statement to House of Lords on consent proposals in the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill (28/10/2008)

On Wednesday 29th October the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill has its final stage in the House of Lords. The House of Lords is only able to consider changes to...
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Legislation and Morality

A CMF member has produced this article for his church newsletter:  you are welcome to take it and get it out into your church as soon as possible so members can pray and take action. - You may have heard...
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Dr Peter Saunders on HFE Bill

As Parliament debated all the controversial issues in the 2008 HFE Bill, Peter Saunders gets some Christian principles across.
Duration: 7 mins

Dr Peter Saunders on HFE Bill

In emotional coverage of animal-human hybrid embryos, Peter Saunders says that their creation crosses an ethical Rubicon.
Duration: 3 mins
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