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Submission from the Christian Medical Fellowship to the Nuffield Council on Bioethics' Consultation: Dementia - ethical issues (30/07/2008)

Introduction The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) is an interdenominational organisation with more than 4,000 British doctors as members. All are Christians who desire their professional and personal lives to be...
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Palliating the Future (triple helix - autumn 2006)

Has there ever been another parliamentary bill to rival Lord Joffe's direct challenges both to Christian morality and to the prevailing ethos of medicine? Thankfully, his Assisted Dying for the Terminally Ill Bill, which sought to legalise physician-assisted suicide, was defeated in May.[1] One of the most powerful arguments used...

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In a strange land…People with dementia and the local church (Book Review) (triple helix - winter 2005)

This book offers a compassionate and well-informed look at the world of dementia. The author is an Anglican minister with many years' experience in pastoral ministry in this area. He paints a realistic and forthright picture of the problems of dementia, and talks straightforwardly about the difficulties and opportunities of...

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Ethical Enigma 3 (nucleus - summer 2003)

It is important to remember that you are dealing with real people with real feelings and emotions at a vulnerable time in their lives. You must remember to listen to and acknowledge their concerns, and respond in a caring and loving way with ‘gentleness and respect’.[1] In responding to the patient’s...

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Geriatric Medicine - a Personal View (nucleus - summer 1992)

The man was worried. He had come up to Outpatients for investigation of a cough and weight loss and he had not been surprised to find his worst fears confirmed. He had lung cancer. Until a couple of months ago he had been cycling 3 miles into town in order...

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