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Breaking Point (triple helix - spring/summer 2007)

Emotional breakdown never arises out of the blue. There is always a background to it and usually there are warning signs that, if heeded, might prevent a precipitous grind to a halt. Personality Traits 'I really can't let them down!' Perfectionism Solo playing, reluctant to...

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Beating Depression (triple helix - Summer 2003)

One of the glories of God's Word is that it speaks of human experience just as vividly now as when first written. For a detailed account of the vicissitudes of old age look no further than Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, which describe fading eyesight, poor dentition, tremor and fear of falling. Or...

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Battle Fatigue (triple helix - autumn 2002)

Half of consultants and a quarter of general practitioners are planning early retirement. Changes in the health service, patient demands, stress and dissatisfaction with their roles are dominant reasons. Our profession, devoted to patient care and health promotion, does little to prevent stress damage amongst its own members. Until recently...

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Down... but not Out (nucleus - summer 2001)

Have you been there? Have you ever been in ‘a real downer’? I have. That may surprise some of you. After all, many people think that Christians shouldn’t feel depressed, and if they do, they must be failures! This certainly is a big stick with which I have seen many...

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