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Abortion - The Patient's and the Doctor's Dilemma (Book Review) (triple helix - summer 2008)

Dr Chapman has many years' experience as a gynaecologist in Russia, Australia and Britain. In this book, she uses a narrative approach to explore the issue of abortion. A series of vignettes from Dr Chapman's practice lay out the various situations faced by some women, and also the dilemmas faced...

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Let's communicate about abortion (triple helix - summer 2008)

The last Juniors' Forum was all about the need to develop good general communication skills.[1] For the rest of the year though, we're going to look at common pitfalls that arise when communicating specific issues to colleagues and patients. This issue, we're looking at abortion... I'm scared! There are those...

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Abortion upper limit - We lost the vote but won the nation (triple helix - summer 2008)

'Abortion fight “will go on after next election”, as MPs defy public opinion to keep 24-week limit', thundered the Daily Mail. 'Abortion debate: MPs are out of touch', concluded the Telegraph. 'Widespread disappointment at vote on abortion', observed the Times. These front page headlines, accompanied by high resolution ultrasound images...

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Women 'using web for abortions'

11th July 2008: Some women in countries where abortion is restricted are using the internet to buy medication enabling them to abort a pregnancy at home, the BBC has learned.

(published: BBC Online, 11 July 2008)

Embryology bill delay criticised

10th July 2008: Anti-abortion MPs have criticised the decision to postpone debate on the controversial Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill for three months.

(published: BBC Online, 10 July 2008)

Should GP practices offer abortion?

9th July 2008: MP Dr Evan Harris argues that restrictions preventing provision of abortion in general practice are unnecessary, outdated and deny women the chance for integrated care. But Dr Andrew Fergusson counters that expanding access to abortion would be precisely the wrong...

(published: Pulse: 08 July 2008)

Abortionists Move From Promoting Harm To Preventing Good

9th July 2008: Abortionists Move From Promoting Harm To Preventing Good, Writes Dr Trevor Stammers, UK

(published: Medical News Today: 09 July 2008)

MPs' bid to change abortion laws

8th July 2008: A cross-party group of MPs will attempt next week to end the requirement for a second doctor to give their approval for an abortion to take place.

(published: BBC: 8 July 2008)

Abortion shake-up proposed by MPs

8th July 2008: The most significant relaxation of the abortion laws since the practice was first made legal more than 40 years ago is being proposed by a cross-party group of MPs.

(published: Telegraph: 08 July 2008)

Abortion and Mental Health

Background information According to the Abortion Act 1967[1] a legally induced abortion must be certified by two registered medical practitioners as justified under one or more of seven grounds A to G.
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