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'Do not resuscitate' baby rulings

12th November 2004: The High Court has given permission to doctors in separate cases to withhold life-saving resuscitation from two babies. Luke Winston-Jones, a nine-month old with Edwards' syndrome, has since died. Charlotte Wyatt, born at 26 weeks and suffering from severe lung...
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(published: 2004; 12 November, AFP 2004; 8 October, Times 2004; 8 October, Independent 2004; 8 October)

cmf file 27 (2004) - neonatal ethics ()

Thirty years ago less than 20% of babies born before 28 weeks of gestation survived. But over the last 30 years advances in medical care at the beginning of life have transformed the prospects of survival for babies born extremely prematurely. Currently in major centres in the UK more than...

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Goldenhar Syndrome - A Tragic Breakdown in Communication (triple helix - spring 2002)

A high profile disagreement between doctors and the parents of a baby with a rare facial disorder was finally resolved after a seven hour High Court hearing in Leeds, when the parents agreed to an urgent tracheotomy (BBC News, 7 March). Twelve week old Maria Aziz Al-Rafi, the only survivor...

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Conjoint Twins (nucleus - spring 2001)

King Solomon said ‘This one says, my son is alive and your son is dead, while that one says, No!, your son is dead and mine is alive.’ Then the king said, ‘Bring me a sword.’ So they brought a sword for the king. He then gave an order, ‘Cut...

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Jodie and Mary (triple helix - autumn 2000)

The birth of Siamese twins has always been a topic of popular fascination. In a previous age such births were usually interpreted as a supernatural event. They were variously seen as signs of blessing or warning, a portent for the future, or a judgment of past wrongs. In our enlightened...

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