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Michael Wenham on assisted suicide

A motor neuron disease patient disagrees with Debbie Purdy and argues in favour of life.
Duration: 8 mins

Dr Andrew Fergusson on euthanasia

mp3 audio
A Christian radio programme allows extensive discussion of euthanasia and end-of-life issues.
Duration: 29 mins

Debbie Purdy goes to the House of Lords

Dr Peter Saunders passionately supports the law against assisting suicide.
Duration: 2 mins

Dr Peter Saunders v Dr Nitschke debate

Furious euthanasia campaigner slams the phone down live on air.
Duration: 20 mins

Dementia (triple helix - Easter 2009)

The syndrome of dementia comprises a range of disorders. The most common are significantly age-associated: Alzheimer's disease, dementia with Lewy bodies (DLB), frontotemporal dementia, vascular dementia and dementias of mixed origin. The estimated prevalence is 1% in those aged 65-69, rising to 34% in those over 95. (1) Increase is...

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End of life care in Scotland (triple helix - Easter 2009)

CMF has about 450 doctor and 100 student members in Scotland, and since devolution of health policy, they have had to face some different challenges. At the time of writing, two Members of the Scottish Parliament are reviewing results of their radically different consultations on end of life care. Margo...

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Coroners and Justice Bill (triple helix - Easter 2009)

In recent months and as part of a concerted campaign, assisted dying has constantly been in the media spotlight through the Debbie Purdy case (seeking immunity for her husband from prosecution should he accompany her to commit suicide abroad), Craig Ewart's SKY Real Lives documentary (covering his death at the...

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Dr Nitschke's Brighton suicide workshop

Duration: 5 mins

Euthanasia survey: British doctors neither do it nor want it

27th March 2009: https://

Dr Peter Saunders & Edward Turner debate

mp3 audio
Duration: 7 mins
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