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Debbie Purdy at the High Court 2008

Dr Peter Saunders comments on the issues around assisted suicide.
Duration: 12 mins

The Debbie Purdy case

Dr Peter Saunders comments on the campaign by the MS patient.
Duration: 3 mins

The card that lets you choose death

20th May 2008: A controversial new "right to die" card is being offered to the public that allows anyone to refuse treatment in a medical emergency. Who carries it, and why? ....

(published: BBC News: 20 May 2008)

Dr Rob George: assisted suicide debate

The palliative care consultant takes part in the discussion on The Big Questions.
Duration: 10 mins

Euthanasia - Latest developments in the campaign for legalisation (triple helix - spring/summer 2007)

Over the last ten years the British pro-euthanasia lobby has very effectively used high-profile 'hard cases' of motor neurone disease to champion its cause: Annie Lindsell, Reginald Crew, John Close and, most famously, Diane Pretty. She sought her husband's assistance in her suicide, and in 2002 took her case to...

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Withdrawal and withholding treatment is sometimes appropriate says CMF. (13/11/2006)

The Christian Medical Fellowship has said that it is essential to understand the clear distinction between euthanasia and the appropriate withdrawal of ineffective and burdensome treatment from a dying baby....
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Euthanasia. A License to kill? (Book Review) (triple helix - autumn 2006)

The assisted dying debate, fuelled by a succession of Bills put before the House of Lords by Lord Joffe, is not going to go away. It is an issue of huge importance, and has the potential to change the practice of medicine profoundly.Yet the debate is often superficial. Many in...

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CMF response to accusations of 'packing' the BMA euthanasia debate (03/07/2006)

The BMA voted at their Annual Representatives Meeting (ARM) on 29 June this year to reverse their short-lived position of neutrality towards assisted dying, and have instead adopted a position...
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'BMA vote against euthanasia and assisted suicide' (30/06/2006)

We're delighted that the British Medical Association voted overwhelmingly to reject any change in the law on euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide at its annual representative meeting earlier this week. The...
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BMA change euthanasia stance

29th June 2006: https://
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