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Scottish euthanasia

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Submission from CMF (Scotland) to Margo MacDonald MSP's Consultation Document: The Proposed End of Life Choices (Scotland) Bill (09/03/2009)

Introduction The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) is an interdenominational organisation in the UK with some 4,500 doctor members and around 1,000 medical student members. Of these, 450 doctors and 96...
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Submission from CMF Scotland to the Scottish Parliament on Jeremy Purvis' 'Dying with Dignity' Consultation Paper (04/04/2005)

Introduction The Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) is an interdenominational organisation with more than 4,500 members. We have over 450 Doctor and 110 student members in Scotland. The membership comprises British...
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Four reasons derived from respect for autonomy why euthanasia should not be legalised:

1) Following the patient's autonomy impacts that of the doctor It is self evident that where a patient's autonomy is followed to the extent of their receiving a prescription for lethal medication or being put to death at the end...
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cmf file 22 (2003) - euthanasia ()

The word 'euthanasia' comes from the Greek roots eu (well) and thanatos (death), but currently means much more than 'good-death'. Euthanasia has been usefully defined as 'the intentional killing, by act or omission, of a person whose life is felt not to be worth living'.[1] This is the definition that...

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cmf file 9 (2000) - physician-assisted suicide ()

Being in pain that is so severe that it occupies your life and being incapable of relieving it, is many people's worst nightmare. Similarly some worry that they will reach the point in life where they would like to die in relative peace, only to find that they are forced...

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