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6 ways to survive lockdown (spotlight - Summer 2020)

1 remember that you are not alone (even if self- isolating!) - God is with you (Joshua 1:9) With no option of going out in an evening, spend a few minutes instead meditating on a Scripture, such as Romans 8:38-39. Let the knowledge of his love and presence calm and encourage...

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Pastoral Care (CMF news - Spring 2020)

We presented data at last November's conference from the 2019 CMF Pastoral Care Survey. This highlighted the impact of overwork and high expectations in clinical care. The Survey also identified the presence of a perceived 'Church-Clinical Gap' - the difficulty clinicians encounter in accessing pastoral care in local churches. Pastoral...

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2019 National Conference - part 1


The Joys of Justification

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's first talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 5:1-11.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Friday 3 May 2019.

Duration: 42 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

2019 National Conference - part 2


The Blessings of Adoption

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's second talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 8:12-30.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Saturday 4 May 2019.

Duration: 50 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

2019 National Conference - part 3


The Assurance of Salvation

Listen to Sinclair Ferguson's third talk from National Conference 2019, speaking from Romans 8:31-39.

Recorded at Yarnfield Park, Sunday 5 May 2019.

Duration: 39 mins - Download (right click & 'save ... as')

counterparts: Brazil (nucleus - February 2019)

A few weeks ago, I finished my sixth year of medical school in Brazil. I am still in the midst of evaluations and tests, but hopefully I'll be able to get a residence in clinical neurology. Looking back, I can't put into words how great has been the faithfulness of...

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local groups: Birmingham CMF away day (nucleus - February 2019)

The annual Birmingham CMF away day is always a highlight in our busy calendar. You would have thought it would be tricky to drag 40 busy medical students away to a small church south-west of Birmingham on a rainy and cold day in November. However not much dragging was needed...

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back to basics: the Christian reading list (nucleus - February 2019)

My first week of medical school was punctuated by reading lists. Each department presented us with a honed array of textbooks, study guides and flashcards, all promising to be the definitive resource for our learning. Utterly dizzying in its volume and scope, I wondered, 'How on earth can I cover...

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leadership: vulnerability (nucleus - February 2019)

My respiratory placement was probably the scariest of medical school. I dreaded Tuesday mornings when the esteemed Prof would take us around the respiratory ward. 'So, Greenall, what did you learn from your reading on psittacosis that I set you last week?' My answer, lacking in any scientific knowledge and...

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competitiveness (nucleus - February 2019)

Medical school seems to bring out my competitive side. I'm constantly comparing myself with others and wanting to do better than them. Is this wrong? Or is it right to want to glorify God by working my hardest and doing the best I can? It's natural to want to do...

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