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Doctor, who?

Published: 1st August 2012

'This is the beginning: the start of a very long journey which will have its highs and lows, ups and downs, trials and joys.' Dr Sarah Maidment, Junior Doctor.

The Olympic opening ceremony proclaimed the virtue and vigor of the NHS. Many of those who are members of this bastion of state healthcare are Bible-believing Christians. But many find it hard to live out their faith in the workplace.

Today is the first day on the wards for thousands of Junior Doctors and CMF has a number of resources to help Christian medics this week.

In the latest issue of CMF's flagship publication, Triple Helix, we examine the growing hostility to Christian faith and values that many medics face. Chief Executive, Dr Peter Saunders writes:

'Economic and political changes, increasing health needs and a growing hostility to Christian faith and values add up to one thing: doctors, and especially Christian doctors, are under pressure'. (Read more here)

In a similar vein, Dr Tim Lyttle, highlights the lack of compassion in the NHS and how Christians – in fact everyone – need to remember that pillar of good healthcare as 'an antidote to NHS debt and distress'. Read the transcript from this year's Rendle Short Lecture.

Many mature doctors may not be familiar with the new training schemes for junior doctors and we have another article in Triple Helix explaining all, and showing why our juniors are more than ever in need of support from other Christian doctors around them.

CMF is acutely aware of the challenges that many doctors face. We work to unite and equip Christian doctors and help them to live and speak for Jesus in the workplace. Our new booklet, Surviving the Foundation Years is available to order now.

Dr Sarah Maidment, a CMF Junior Doctor Committee member, has also written a blog post 'Top tips for surviving your first week on the wards'.

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About CMF:

Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) was founded in 1949 and is an interdenominational organisation with over 5,000 doctors, 900medical and nursing students and 300 nurses and midwives as members in all branches of medicine, nursing and midwifery. A registered charity, it is linked to over 100 similar bodies in other countries throughout the world.

CMF exists to unite Christian healthcare professionals to pursue the highest ethical standards in Christian and professional life and to increase faith in Christ and acceptance of his ethical teaching.

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