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Pill-popping your way to the top

Published: 4th April 2013

Memory-boosting drugs may keep students awake, alert and achieving top marks, but they bring with them a range of moral dilemmas.

CMF's Head of Public Policy, Philippa Taylor, addresses these in the lead article of the latest edition of Triple Helix – the journal published by the Christian Medical Fellowship.

Seen by some ambitious students as the winner's edge and maybe their ticket to a top job, so-called 'brain steroids' or 'smart dugs' can be bought for a few pounds to enhance focus, concentration or memory.

But, Philippa Taylor argues they could be seen in the same vein as athletes feeling under pressure to take steroids.

So far, warnings have centred on the addictive properties and side effects of the drugs. Of particular concern, Philippa Taylor says, is the use of smart drugs among people aged 18–25 who are the most common non-medical users:

'The brain continues to mature until the late twenties and beyond. No one really understands the consequences of long-term use of stimulants on the developing brain. At present, there is only scant data about off-label use.'

She concludes: 'Technology may bring benefits but it will come with costs attached. We need God's wisdom to weigh these up.

'Smart drugs cannot cultivate qualities like self-control, altruism, sacrificial love, relational commitment, faith, discipline.'

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