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Student Doctors to debate "How to be Authentic Christians in a ‘Postmodern' medical world" - CMF’S Annual Students’ Conference To Tackle Controversial Ethical Issues

Published: 18th January 2005

Christian student doctors will debate how they can maintain an authentic Christian witness in a workplace environment dominated by post-modern spiritualities at the forthcoming annual conference organised by the Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF).

The CMF National Students’ Conference, ‘Real Right Through – authentic faith in a superficial age’ takes place on 21- 23 January, at The Hayes Conference Centre, Swanwick in Derbyshire. The main speaker is Richard Cunningham, head of student ministries at UCCF and about 280 are expected to attend from all over the UK along with over 20 students from the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

Peter Saunders, General Secretary of the CMF said:- “The students will discuss ways in which a Christian world view can respond to the competing truth claims of other belief systems and they can hold to the claims of Christ in a way that engages with those they come into contact with. It is absolutely key for students to have a firm foundation for their faith before it is tested in the maelstrom of life as a doctor in 21st century Britain.”

Difficult issues to be tackled include infertility, evangelising patients, abortion, transsexuality and alternative medicine. On the issue of infertility Roselle Ward, a Christian GP based in Belfast, will ask medical students to consider just how far they should be asked to go to help couples have a child. “Is it a case of anything goes as long as the outcome is a healthy baby, or are there boundaries over which we should not step?” asks Dr Ward. The students’ conference will come shortly before a public consultation to review the checks and procedures that couples seeking IVF treatment are required to undergo, which has been recently been announced by the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority [HFEA].

More practical topics for the student doctors include time and money management and surviving as a House Officer. All the speakers at the conference are medical professionals and include Nick Land, Peter Armon, Dave Stevens and Becky Brain.

The programme for the weekend starts on Friday 21st with dinner and concludes with a worship and communion service on Sunday afternoon.

Peter Saunders, General Secretary of the CMF, added: “This conference is an important opportunity for students to come and hear senior colleagues talk about issues that will challenge and develop their Christian faith as they progress in their chosen field of expertise within the medical profession.”

The cost for attending the conference is £56, which includes a £10 booking fee and VAT. Further information can be obtained by visiting

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Christian Medical Fellowship (CMF) was founded in 1949 and is an interdenominational organisation with over 5,000 doctors, 900medical and nursing students and 300 nurses and midwives as members in all branches of medicine, nursing and midwifery. A registered charity, it is linked to over 100 similar bodies in other countries throughout the world.

CMF exists to unite Christian healthcare professionals to pursue the highest ethical standards in Christian and professional life and to increase faith in Christ and acceptance of his ethical teaching.

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