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CMF joins its voice to the growing criticism of the Government's Alcohol Harm Reduction Strategy for England

Published: 1st September 2005

The government's education-based 'sensible drinking' strategy for countering alcohol misuse is 'not evidence based' argues Chris Cook in this summer's edition of CMF's Triple Helix magazine. Cook, a former consultant psychiatrist working in the field of alcohol misuse argues that the government approach is built on false presuppositions.

'Research shows that alcohol related morbidity and mortality are directly related to the quantity of alcohol consumed by a population which in turn is directly related to the availability and acceptability of alcohol in that population. This means that price is the major determinant of consumption and taxation is a very effective preventative tool.' There is, in contrast 'virtually no supporting research evidence regarding education on sensible drinking as a strategy for preventing alcohol problems' writes Cook.

The Government are set to implement their newly liberalised drinking laws as of November – a move that top doctors have called 'insane' as it will inevitably lead to greater alcohol misuse and harm to the individual and to communities.

'Governments must not imagine that education of the individual absolves them of their responsibility to take effective action for the public good', writes Cook. It appears as though this present Government imagines exactly that.

Other highlights of Triple Helix, which is published quarterly, are 'Problem drinking: The bigger picture' 'Children living with AIDS', and 'Mischief at the BMA'.

Triple Helix and Nucleus (the CMF quarterly student magazine) are available on this site (in the literature section).

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