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2017 Christmas Appeal - Fighting for Christian Values


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Fighting for Christian values — £80,000 needed

Advocacy — being a voice for the voiceless

CMF's Public Policy and Advocacy work seeks to oppose further erosion of laws and practice whilst promoting positive Christian alternatives.

Defending the poor and needy deeply resonates with the heart of God (Jeremiah 22:16).

Advocacy - being a voice for the voiceless - is the first of six strategic priorities in our 2020 ACTIVE programme. Our overall strategy is to inform and equip three groups of people: CMF members, members of Parliament/policy makers and church members.

We do this by producing resources, undertaking research, networking with like-minded organisations, attending and organising strategic policy meetings, presenting talks, responding to public consultations, speaking on the media and meeting with parliamentarians and decision-makers.

Our work in Public Policy and advocacy costs about £100,000 each year. This enables us to be active in:

  • Resource provision - CMF Files, blog posts, parliamentary briefings and questions, Triple Helix and Nucleus articles and reviews, booklets and books
  • Public consultation submissions - Twelve completed in 2016. Six so far in 2017.
  • Research - Sourcing information and carrying out literature research, attending conferences and meetings
  • Communicating/Media - Media interviews, press releases, blog posts, talks/presentations to CMF/church/pro-life groups, Public Policy newsletter, and social media
  • Advocacy and strategic networking - With like-minded organisations and individuals in the UK and internationally, meeting with MPs/policy makers

Key policy areas

With such limited resources we cannot be actively engaged in every issue so we focus on those where no one else is speaking and where a Christian voice is most needed, such as:

  • Euthanasia/assisted suicide - Keeping a watching brief on further attempts to weaken the law, and promoting palliative care and support
  • Abortion - Working with cobelligerent allies to ensure existing law is upheld and to seek law reform through media, courts and parliament
  • Conscience and Civil liberties - Working to ensure conscience rights of Christian health professionals are upheld and not further eroded
  • Sex and relationships - Opposing sex education which undermines Christian values, pornography and the condom culture whilst promoting abstinence and marital faithfulness
  • Marriage - Defending and promoting traditional marriage. Opposing its further redefinition and the deconstruction of gender
  • Vulnerable people - Working to ensure that marginalised groups have good access to high quality healthcare

Will you stand with us in this fight?

Only 40% of our annual income comes from members' subscriptions and we deliberately try to keepsubscriptions for students, nurses and F1 doctors low.

We therefore continue to rely heavily on our 4,500 qualified members who are able to make gifts over and abovetheir subscription. Knowing that many members prefer the flexibility of giving in response to specific appeals rather than regularly, we had already planned at the beginning of this year to raise £80,000 of our £1.35 million budget through this Christmas appeal.

The CMF Board of Trustees meets on 2 December to agree budgets for 2018. Your prompt response will help us plan responsibly and wisely for next year. Would you be able to help us by making a special gift to the ministry of CMF today?

If you would like to give regularly by direct debit then this allows us to plan our ministries even more effectively.

Of course, if your gift is eligible for Gift Aid, then we can claim your tax back as well, at no extra cost to you.

We are on target to reach our budget this year provided the response to this annual Christmas appeal runs according to plan.

Thank you for prayerfully considering this request.

Click on the link below to dowmload the full appeal letter and a printable response form if you would prefer to give by cheque or charity voucher.

Download Appeal PDF
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