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Spring Appeal 2022


being salt & light transforming healthcare & society - £75,000 needed

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Spring Appeal

CMF Spring Appeal

May 2022

being salt & light

transforming healthcare & society - £75,000 needed

Barely a week goes by without news headlines announcing some new ethical controversy. Recently we have seen the Westminster Government struggling to find a way through toxic debates on LGBT+ 'conversion therapy'. We have also seen constant, unprecedented pressure to legalise assisted suicide in parliaments across the British Isles (Westminster, Holyrood, Dublin, Jersey, and Isle of Man), often wrapped up in heart-wrenching stories. These specific campaigns need detailed and often rapid responses.

CMF's professional expertise enables us to bring authoritative yet nuanced input where needed. We do this through wider networks such as Care Not Killing and their healthcare arm, Our Duty of Care, or by supporting the Westminster All-Party Parliamentary Group on Dying Well. And of course, through you, our members. In these ways, we contributed to the recent victories against Baroness Meacher's Assisted Dying Bill and Lord Forsyth's amendment to the Health and Care Act.

tackling deeper roots

However, these headline-grabbing events are simply the fruits of deep-rooted cultural shifts that have been happening for decades. They are like the flashing warning light on our dashboard that comes on long after we should have had the car serviced, often after the damage is done.

Our responsive work above continues to be particularly important. But increasingly, we are getting involved earlier, proactively influencing those cultural shifts before the point of no return. We can help to form the minds of those who will make the news and the laws of tomorrow. We can be the preserving salt and the illuminating light in society that Jesus spoke about in Matthew 5.

true social justice

Transforming society through social justice is very popular, particularly among Generation Z, such as our student members and younger graduates. And yet, though much of the activism we see in society is well-meaning, it is too often divorced from who we really are - men and women made in God's image and reflecting his nature.

True human flourishing comes when we work with the grain of who we are, not just how we feel. True social justice is defined by God's character and values, which we learn by the wise application of biblical principles and by authentic knowledge of the real Jesus. This needs to be communicated carefully in language others can relate to. But there is ample opportunity to 'tell a better story'. Christians in healthcare are perfectly placed to advocate for biblical justice, as we care for vulnerable human lives each day.

being salt and light in society

Advocacy and influence are needed across so many issues, including (but going well beyond) the classic bioethical areas. CMF is adapting by broadening our advocacy and public policy work in some of the following ways:

  • Our Global Advocacy Group has engaged with Westminster Government departments on various issues, including Covid vaccine equity, healthcare for refugees and asylum seekers, and cuts to UK foreign aid budgets.
  • CMF's Health + Justice Track, run in partnership with Integritas Healthcare, trains members to integrate care for vulnerable groups into their practice, including those in detention, with substance addiction, mental health challenges, or seeking asylum.
  • Several of our members are active in the British Medical Association and Royal Colleges, being a positive influence at conferences and on committees.
  • Working in the challenging area of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion, often with other medical faith groups or bodies such as the General Medical Council. Wise Christian voices are so important in this area, where faith can so easily be 'the forgotten protected characteristic'.

We want to continue equipping our members - by training, mentoring, supporting, and resourcing - to engage and influence wherever God has placed them. There is so much more that we can do. We currently operate on a small team, with Jennie Pollock and Rick Thomas, both part-time, supported by me as CEO, and with several valuable volunteers, such as our Medical Study Group.

I regularly hear how much you appreciate what the CMF staff and volunteers do upfront, behind the scenes, and in the resources we produce. And you, our members, have been amazing in responding to consultations and petitions when we have asked you to - such as to recent consultations on abortion regulations at Stormont or assisted dying at Holyrood. The voice of Christian healthcarers is being heard where it matters.

please would you help us?

We can only continue to speak up and equip others to do so with the support of our members. Would you help us to strengthen and expand this vital work? Any donation you can make will enable us to continue influencing the leaders in our society - both today and tomorrow.

We are so grateful for every member who contributes to the life of CMF - we know that finance is only one aspect of this! Our annual Spring and Christmas Appeals are a regular part of our budgeting and form part of our general funds. We use these donations where the need is greatest across our different ministry areas.

As we emerge into a new world of opportunity and uncertainty after Covid, there are many draws on our limited resources. We can only continue to invest in the future with the ongoing help of members like you.

please pray with us

We know that members vary widely in their ability to contribute financially to CMF. So, we are hugely

grateful for any gifts, both large and small, that help us achieve the vision that God has given us.

Only around 40 per cent of our annual income comes from subscriptions. We have frozen all membership subscription rates in 2022 to help those members who need it, such as students, nurses, midwives, and junior doctors. This is why we rely on voluntary giving to make up roughly another 40 per cent of our total income.

Whatever your financial circumstances, please pray that God will continue to provide for CMF's needs.

Thank you so much for being a part of CMF. The staff love to hear from members and pray for their needs, so do please contact us if we can support you.

'But in your hearts revere Christ as Lord. Always be prepared to give an answer to everyone who asks you to give the reason for the hope that you have. But do this with gentleness and respect…so that those who speak maliciously against your good behaviour in Christ may be ashamed of their slander'.

(1 Peter 3:15-16)

Yours in Christ

Mark Pickering Chief Executive

Euan McRorie, Chair Board of Trustees

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