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Deep:ER key dates 2021-22

15 September 2021 | Introductory Day
22 September 2021 | How to study the Bible one-on-one
29 September 2021 | Staff prayer/afternoon lunch
13 October 2021 | Freshers' BBQ
20 October 2021 | Away day
21 October 2021 | UCCF London Mission Evening
10 November 2021 | StrengthsFinder
18 November 2021 | Evening session
24 November 2021 | Making decisions
8 December 2021 | Bible Overview
12 January 2022 | Global Mission
26 January 2022 | Identity Manhood/womanhood
4-6 February 2022 | Student Conference
23 February 2022 | Writer's training (12-5pm in person)
8 March 2022 | Beginning of life
15-16 March 2022 | Away Day L'Abri
30 March 2022 | Discipleship
29-31 April 2022 | National Conference
11 May 2022 | TBC
25 May 2022 | Student Presentations
8 June 2022 | Away day - Revisioning, Retreats, Life plans + Walking with God
22 June 2022 | End of course and celebration

a) How easy is Deep:ER to do it at a distance?

Deep:ER is designed to be doable from home from ANYWHERE in the UK! The reality is you would need to come to join the group once a term for the away days; although the more you do the more you will feel part of the group. Teaching happens via Skype every other Wednesday morning. It will be important to ensure your Fellowship Project is conducive to be done at a distance.

b) Give me 3 good reasons why I should do Deep:ER?

Ok here we go

  1. This is about a year where you can grow in your faith in a focussed way. We cover topics you will rarely be taught in church or your training. What better time to do this than in the middle of 5 years of medical school and 7-10 years of training?
  2. It's great for your CV highlighting a year of growing your leadership and management skills. One participant presented an abstract at an international conference for example.
  3. Most of all this is an opportunity to contribute to the Kingdom of God through the work of CMF, serving others and seeing God move powerfully through you!

c) But won't I risk not getting a specialty job - I'll be so busy? Or if I'm a student won't I fail my BSc?

Well so far all our students have got firsts in their BScs and all our F3s got their first choice Deanery job. I'll stop there.

d) If I am locuming how would it fit in?

Again, most F3's or similar will be locuming during the year. We ask that Wednesdays are free as all team days and teaching happen on Wednesdays. Most people do three days a week around that although four might be possible at a stretch.

e) What if I move house/city during the year?

This wouldn't be a problem at all

f) Who would be my line manager?

Line managers are CMF staff or, if present in your area, a Regional Team leader. We look to link you with a local CMFer for support and input where needed.

g) In terms of study with external organisations, what sort of opportunities are on offer?

The brochure lists some organisations we have linked with ( ). We don't have a 'formal' relationship with them but they are aware that we want to encourage medics to consider doing something else alongside Deep:ER and we would especially recommend these options. We can offer up to £500 a year towards fees etc. It will depend on what you want to do - one person is doing their local Gospel Partnership course one day a week for example.

h) How will I spend my time?

An average of 0.5 days a week will consist of team days, conferences and planned teaching sessions, leaving a minimum of half a day for your project and practical skills.

If you have more than one day a week (eg a if not studying with a partner organisation or you have more available time) then you will be able to do a larger project and access more training opportunities.

i) What topics are covered?

We look to cover knowledge (head), attitudes (heart) and skills (hands) during the year. So training is a mixture of seminars, away days and conferences.

Teaching (knowledge and attitudes) covers topics such as: Bible overview, Body Mind split, Beginning of life and end of life issues, Mental health, Suffering, Gender identity, Transhumanism, Sacred-secular divide, Time management, Money, Resource allocation, Global health, Discipleship and others from a Christian perspective.

Skills include giving a short talk, writing an article, writing a blog post, leading a small group discussion, organize an event and more.

j) When does training happen?

If you are close to London, every other week please aim to come into the office on a Wednesday. As per the timetable, we will run these 20 times in a year.


• Staff prayers 10.00-10.25am

• Deep:ER fellows prayer 10.30-11.00am

• Teaching session 11.00-12.30pm

• Mentor meeting/office work 12.30-1.00pm

• Lunch/Theology forum (once a month) 1.oo-2.00pm

(those not able to attend in person should Zoom in from 10.30am-12.30pm)

Those not in the office will have to seek other opportunities to lead Bible studies/prayer meetings.


You might then use the afternoon for preparation, shadowing someone, meeting with a student or preparing; however, this is not fixed and you may arrange to do this some other time.

The intervening week will include time in lieu for conferences/weekend work, preparation, reading, writing, team days, meeting with students and their groups and doing your project.

k) What will I do on my project?

This will of course vary according to your time availability, location and the nature of the area you are committed to. The key is ensuring we align expectations at the beginning of the year and that the project is manageable and something you can complete satisfactorily during the year.

l) What happens on away days?

Typically, we have had one per term. We have done an overnight residential at L'Abri community in Hampshire, StrengthsFinder training, Christian Heritage Tours and more. People have found these days to be real highlights of the year and give more time to digest and discuss the things we are learning.

m) Which conferences will I attend?

Attendance as part of the team at the National Conference and the Student conference is mandatory. We will also encourage you to attend a Saline and a Confident Christianity day course. There will be numerous opportunities to attend other conferences by prior agreement with your line manager, time permitting.

n) How do finances work?

Deep:ER is free to students and we ask Graduates to contribute £1500 to the cost of the year. This covers conference and training fees, travel expenses and some of the administration of running the course.

As part of the Deep:ER programme you can claim expenses on the following:

• Travel to/from the CMF office

• Travel to/from a conference that you have agreed with your line manager in advance.

• Lunch - up to £5 per day on the days you are in the CMF office or on a team day

• Conference fees - for conferences/training days/away days that have been agreed in your year-plan.

• External courses - for those taking this route we can pay up to £500 to an external training partner towards your training fees. Please ask the organisation to address fees up to this figure to CMF and we can do this directly via bank transfer rather than paying you.

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