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England - Mersey
- Merseyside, Cheshire, Isle of Man

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Regional team leader

Local links

Isle of Man: Graham McAll

Workplace links

Aintree - University Hospital: Robert Moots
Marie Curie Hospice Liverpool: Amarachukwu Nwosu

Church Links

Liverpool - Bridge Chapel: Amarachukwu Nwosu
Wavertree - Frontline Church: Chris Holcombe

Local meetings

Graduate staff contact

Please note that the above links are not intended as a resource for personal healthcare advice or provision, or a medical opinion on any matter, but solely for use by doctors, nurses, midwives and nursing students on the business of CMF.

Regional Team Leader: overseeing point of contact for Links in the geographical region.

Local Link: a point of contact between the members living or working in a town, district or rural area.

Workplace Link: a point of contact between the members working in a hospital, surgery, health centre or other relevant place of work.

Church Link: a point of contact between the members in a local church fellowship, and liaison with the church leadership.

Local Meetings: meetings of members for fellowship including former 'graduate' and 'open house' meetings.

Student Link: a medical student who provides a link between the student group and national CMF and is actively involved in running the local group.

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