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20th June: Beatitudes (7) -- The Pure in Heart.

Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8

We think of purity in relation to sex, mainly because the sexual drive is so powerful a factor in human affairs. As doctors we understand that people's sexuality is a biological variable, and the sexual temptation may affect anyone past puberty.

Katharos (Gr) means pure or clean, the opposite of dirty. Dirt obscures and diminishes the picture or porcelain or surgical instrument or microscope lens; remove the dirt and purity of colour, form or function becomes a sheer delight. Purity is a positive and creative virtue. In the Bible, wilful decisions are made in 'the heart', while emotion springs from 'the bowels'. It is the single-minded with no ulterior motives who 'shall see God'.

Experience of many known and unknown saints of God testify to the truth of this promise. If the vision of God in Jesus Christ has been lost and your life has become dark, you might find it profitable to review the moral standards by which you are living.

Lord, grant me purity of heart and true holiness
without which no one will see you.

Further reading: Phil 4:8-9. Heb 12:12-14.


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