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Day 45: Mission: Right Here, Right Now

Colossians 4: 2 - 6
Mission: Right Here, Right Now

The Bible makes absolutely clear that we, as Christians, should be firmly focused on Christ, longing to see Him glorified in all that we do, and working with joy convinced of our future eternity with Him (read - Colossians 3: 1 - 3, 17, 23 - 24).

As a kid in Northern Ireland I dreamed of journeying to some far-flung land to meet some unknown people who were in need of Christ and with whom I could share the gospel. Now here I am trying to do this, in London. Hopefully the fact that there are lots of people around you in Uni. and in hospitals who are in need of Christ, both patients and colleagues, has not escaped your attention. This is your mission field! That is not to say that some day God won’t call you to serve Him elsewhere but it is a reminder that He does call you right here and right now to serve Him.

Before getting carried away with the romanticism many associate with missionary work, it is worthwhile considering just how you are getting involved in ‘missionary’ work where you live right now.

Are you praying?
Our experience of life should convince us that our solo efforts in running our own lives are agonizingly inadequate. We need to be praying with respect to every area of our lives, not least our evangelism. It can be so easy to lose sight of the big picture - the state of unrighteousness that the world is in and where it is heading without God (as we saw in yesterday’s reading: Romans 1: 16 - 3: 28).

  • Have you got a passion to see people you know saved? Are you praying for them?
  • Are you praying for wisdom and strength in sharing the gospel with them?
  • Do you pray for others in the world to share the gospel with people who need Christ?
Do you make the most of every opportunity?
Relationships play an immense role in sharing the gospel. If people notice a difference in the way you relate to them and live your life - with God as top priority - they are more likely to seek out the reason behind this. When this happens it is best to be prepared. Someone once said that the best type of spontaneity is planned spontaneity!

Are you wise in the way that you act towards others? Do you have an intentional relationship with people (one that is thought out, and considers how best you can serve both them and God in making Him known)?

Do you know what you would say if someone asked why you have different priorities or why you have the hope that you have (I Peter 3: 15)? Do you know the gospel well enough yourself to be confident in doing this?

Are You a Missionary Right Here, Right Now?

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