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Day 48: God’s Sovereignty: Who is in Control?

Matthew 8: 23 - 27
God’s Sovereignty: Who is in Control?

Journals are hard work. They require enthusiasm, discipline and reflection - all of which are very hard work for me! The first entry in my journal of my time to Ghana is proof of this. The date is Friday 21st July 2000 and the first words written are these:

OK, so I’ve cheated. I haven’t actually bought this journal yet. I won’t buy it for another 2 days. In fact it gets worse. The day I’m starting this is Tuesday 15th August …
As the first few days of my journal confirm, a big issue for me before leaving for Ghana was one of fear. Maybe not fear of physical danger (although the experience of driving into London for the first time did seem to pose a real threat to my life!) but rather fears that the team chosen to go to Ghana for one month with Tearfund / CSNM may not bond when we first meet, and that there may be tension and problems throughout the trip. A fear that the twelve of us couldn’t do this on our own. These fears were shared by others, and as a team and as individuals we brought them to God in prayer, recognising again and again with every new situation that He was in control.

It’s great to read through my journal now and again, and recognise the fact that God truly was in control in situations I had been concerned about because they were out of my control. Comparing my concerns about finances, travel, safety, illness, team dynamics and the timing of events with just how these potential problems panned out under God’s control, and how He used these circumstances to teach me and help me grow in my faith really does humble me. Why did I ever have any fear about what would happen when I knew that God was in control?

Consider who God is. He is GOD - omnipotent, Creator of all things, Sovereign, Lord of all, and Ruler over everything He has made. Trust Him!

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