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travelling light (daily devotions for your elective)

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Day 9: Dealing with Irrationality

Daniel 2: 13 - 19
Dealing with Irrationality

I read recently in a newspaper of an English tourist who was raped and shot in South Africa. It all seemed so meaningless and pointless. Why was her dignity of so little consequence to her attackers? Surely she did not deserve this.

You may see some pretty unpleasant things on your medical elective. You may come across families and communities, which are treated unjustly by local authorities. You may encounter children who suffer because of the ruthless actions of others.

Daniel and his three friends found themselves in a similar situation. Things seemed to have been going well for them. They had managed to maintain their distinctive lifestyle in a foreign environment and had not compromised their beliefs. But now they are faced with the irrational actions of Nebuchadnezzar the king (v13). The question is how will they cope? Daniel is quite clear how he and his friends must proceed. They must pray (v18).

Prayer has two major functions in Christian life. It purifies the mind, enabling us to understand more clearly the ways of God, and it allows us to ask God for answers to our difficulties. That is exactly what Daniel and his friends did in response to the irrational actions of Nebuchadnezzar. And God gives them the answer (v19).

Prayer and Action
Wherever you find yourself today, stop, pray and ask God to guide you. Ask Him too, to increase your understanding of matters that seem unresolvable. He may not tell you, as He did for Daniel, the meaning of the dreams of others, but He will guide you and protect you as you tend to the needs of others.

Thank God that no situation takes Him by surprise. Resolve to make prayer a first resort when you find yourself in difficult situations.

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