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Global Track

global track
  • How do I know if I am called to work internationally?
  • How do I choose where to go?
  • How can I best use my nursing or medicine?
  • How long should I go for?

Join CMF's 18-month Global Track where we will address these issues and more!

Aimed at: medics, nurses and midwives . Priority given to students in the last three years of their course and graduates within two years of qualifications to fit alongside your regular studies/placements/work.

  • Five day sessions in London with experienced global health mission speakers. Dates: 16 March, 27 April, 12 October, 18 January 2020, 4 April 2020
  • Assignments and personal reading after each main session.
  • Three two-hour webinars on Wednesday evenings, looking at different mission-related topics each week (19 June, 20 November, 19 February 2020).
  • A 24-hour stay at All Nations Christian College. Date: 5-6 January 2019.
  • Two days at the Developing Health Course (DHC) with a mission fair, lectures,practical skills and workshops focusing on different areas of healthcare in resource-poor settings. Dates to be confirmed but summer 2019.
  • We will link you with a mentor who has experience of overseas work - someone who can meet with you, answer your questions and support you on your IT journey.
  • Participation in one of two short-term vision trips in August 2019. We will consider your elective or other SMT if you cannot make these fixed date trips.

Cost: £400 covers everything listed except for your travel costs, any accommodation or further days at DHC (two paid for), and your mission trip in summer 2019.

A letter can be offered from CMF to your church/family/friends helping you ask for personal prayer and financial support with costs.

Deadline for applications: 2 November 2018

Interested? Please contact Fi on

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