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Working Abroad

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If you insist on holding on to yourself, and refuse to let yourself go, but determine to live for yourself, you will lose yourself. That is the way of death, not the way of life. But if you are willing to lose yourself, to give yourself away in love, in the service of the gospel, then in the moment of complete abandon, when you think you have lost everything, the miracle takes place and you find yourself.

Mark 8: 35. John Stott's Paraphrase in Through the Bible, Through the year. Published by Candle Books 2006
CMF is a member of the International Christian Medical and Dental Association (ICMDA), and closely involved in its work. The ICMDA is connected with about 100 fellowships around the world.

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About 200 of CMF's 4,600 members are living overseas, working with Christian or secular organisations. A further 250 – 300 members make regular short term working visits overseas while holding a post in the UK. There is therefore a wealth of experience regarding working abroad within the membership, which can be tapped. You will also find a lot of useful information on our overseas website at

About this booklet

It is primarily aimed at those who are thinking God might be calling them to get involved in work overseas in a resource poor country – be they trainees, in an established post or nearing retirement. It has been written with doctors in mind but other healthcare professionals should find it useful. It should prove helpful to those thinking of working abroad in either a short or long term capacity.

Viggo Olsen, a missionary surgeon in Bangladesh for 33 years, wroteWorking Abroad 'was the greatest adventure we could ever have had. When you are in a hard place, when you're over your head again and again, when you're sinking and beyond yourself and praying your heart out – then you see God reach out and touch your life and resolve the situation beyond anything you could have ever hoped…. In my opinion, finding the purpose for which God made you – whatever it may be – and then fully pursuing it, is simply the best way to live.'Quoted by Lee Strobell in The Case for a Creator (Zondervan Press)

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