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Working Abroad

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<< 2 The opportunities

2.1 What sort of skills are needed?

Many overseas countries have their own doctors and it is wrong to assume that we can just go abroad with certain qualifications and expect employment. Our colleagues in LDCs must not be short changed. The opportunities depend on the skills, experience and duration or regularity of service which you can offer. If it is short term service only, then it is best to stick to one place and go regularly. You will become known and trusted and can build on your contribution from year to year.

There is no skill or discipline that is not needed. Whatever your speciality or interest, there is a niche that you can fill overseas. Ted Lankester, Director of InterHealth, produced an A-Z of opportunities for service in an article in Triple Helix entitled - Global Health Priorities. (Triple Helix Spring 2000:18-20)

>> 2.2 What sort of roles might I consider?

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