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Working Abroad

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<< 3.7 Where should I go?

3.8 How do I find a post?

3.8.1 Christian organisations

a 'yellow pages' of useful contact addresses
details of the Developing Health Course
current overseas vacancies

World Service Enquiry
an ecumenical, non-denominational charity, produces a list of opportunities from over 40 agencies

Christian Vocations
publish a Short Term Service Directory containing details of many medical opportunities overseas and advice about working overseas, short and longer term

A web-based information service for world mission, has a large database of organisations, resources and opportunities


There are increasing numbers of Christian hospitals overseas which have no UK mission base or office. It is essential to find out as much as possible about them early in your planning.

3.8.2 secular agencies

(See Appendix 6 for contact details)

There are many posts available through secular agencies. These give a rich opportunity for you but there can be drawbacks – not least the possible lack of Christian support and fellowship. A comprehensive list of commercial recruitment agencies can be found at

The Department of Health toolkit - International Humanitarian and Health Work (2003)

Contains details of many agencies as well as advice on training and career development. Useful information for doctors and nurses.

BMJ Careers advertises overseas posts.

>> 3.9 How do I assess an overseas possible post?

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