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Working Abroad

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<< 3.9 How do I assess an overseas possible post?

3.10 Is it safe?

There is a telling contrast between the attitudes of society today – with its emphasis on health and safety, caution and desire to have everything under control – and the attitudes of those who went overseas in the 19th and much of the 20th century. We face risks wherever we go, it would be wrong to ignore them, but any healthcare worker overseas who wishes to identify with the people who he/she serves should recognise that too much attention to their personal security could hinder their relationships. The FCO publishes detailed, always cautious, advice about precautions related to the current political situation in every country on its website

See also Section 5 for advice about health related matters.

The BMA Handbook – Members Guide to working abroad briefly covers matters that it feels its members should consider when contemplating working abroad. It can be found at:

>> 4.1 Expectations

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