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Working Abroad

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<< 4.3 Family considerations

4.4 Christian service and Bible College training

A close relationship with God and a disciplined devotional life are essential. No amount of church activity is a substitute for a good devotional life. Develop habits of regular Bible reading, prayer and personal study before you go. It may be possible to do some extra-curricular study, although for short-term service formal Bible college training is not essential.

All Nations Christian College – – offers a range of courses geared towards those who will be working in cross cultural mission, ranging from a three-year BA to a ten-week En route course. En route express is a five-day course for those preparing for short trips. Both of these can be done online – En route explore.

Christian doctors are often asked to help in local churches where even the pastors may lack basic Bible knowledge and training (although often possessing a deep spirituality from which you can learn). It's essential to be aware of your own gifts and take every opportunity to develop them in your own church before you go. Use them overseas but beware of jumping in on the basis of intellectual ability rather than with spiritual humility.

>> 4.5 Cultural awareness and language learning

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