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Working Abroad

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<< 4.4 Christian service and Bible College training

4.5 Cultural awareness and language learning

Once you have decided where you are going, continue to find out all you can about the country, its language, culture, religions, politics and geography. One way you can do this is by getting to know such nationals living near you in the UK. Large numbers of overseas nationals are to be found in the halls of residence and bed-sits of most university towns, many of whom would love to visit a British home and talk about their country.

Nothing is more important than people and our relationships with them. To be able to relate, we must be able to communicate and to understand something of the local culture. Don't be lazy, you must make time to do this and learn the local language.

Learn the traditional greetings and common phrases before you go.

If you need help to translate initial application letters or websites, then an excellent web based service is offered by

Other sources of information include:
  • mission agencies
  • those who have worked there recently
  • the internet
  • newspapers
  • books such as Operation World

>> 4.6 Further medical training

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