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Working Abroad

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<< 4.7 Personal finance and obtaining project funding

4.8 Superannuation and pension arrangements

You should arrange to continue to contribute to your State Pension and any other pension plans you might have but tax relief on the premiums may not apply while you are abroad. It is also important to try and protect your pension rights if you have been working within the NHS. These can be 'frozen' while you are abroad in a non-NHS post or you may be able to continue paying contributions while overseas. Things may well change in the future if the government should choose to implement the recommendations in Lord Crisp's report (see Section 3.2). There is also the possibility of paying additional voluntary contributions on your return to make up for lost years.

Approach your Trust finance officer for free advice on these matters or the NHS Pensions Agency BMA members can ask the BMA Superannuation Dept.

>> 4.9 Property left behind

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