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Working Abroad

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4.10 Contracts, registration, medical indemnity, CPD & revalidation

4.10.1 registration in your host country

It is important to fulfil the regulations laid down by the national Medical Council. Application for registration should usually be processed by the management of your project – check with them well in advance. Regulations governing registration in the country you are going to may not be clear cut. It is a good idea to take with you officially authenticated copies of all your certificates and diplomas and a certificate of good standing from your current employer, in addition to a supply of passport photographs.

4.10.2 medical indemnity

Tell your insurer that you are going overseas and ask for its terms, which may vary from place to place and by insurer. Some offer reduced rates for volunteers and low salaried posts.

The current likelihood of litigation in less developed countries is low compared to the UK, though it is increasing in urban areas. It is a challenge to ensure that as Christians our professional standards remain high in any environment.

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