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Working Abroad

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<< 6. What support services are there?

7.1 Passports and visas

  • Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months beyond the end of your proposed trip.
  • Your employer should provide you with the necessary support documentation to enable you to obtain an appropriate visa, if necessary.
  • Some countries are not represented in the UK and visa applications will need to be made to overseas consulates.
  • It is useful to have the address and telephone number of the British Embassy in the country to which you are going. This, along with addresses of overseas consulates without London offices, can be obtained by contacting the Foreign and Commonwealth Office,
Allow at least 2 months for the relevant documents to be processed and returned.

Passports – a useful tip
Photocopy and scan the front, back and visa pages of your passport so that you have a copy on disc as well as paper in case the original is lost or stolen. Take some spare passport photos with you – they can be useful for other documents too.

Don't keep the photocopies and spare photos together with your passport!

>> 7.2 Travel and insurance

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