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Good News to the Poor

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Order Ref: Goo1009

Published by: IVP (2010)

Author: Tim Chester

ISBN: 9781844740192

Price: £7.00(RSP: £9.99, save £2.99)

How do we respond to the silent appeal in the dark eyes of the child in the charity catalogue, or the blanketed figure in the cold shop-doorway? Should we share the gospel with them, or a bowl of soup?

Throughout history, men and women such as Wilberforce, Shaftesbury, Carey and Booth have recognised a call to help the needy. Others have argued that our first task is evangelism, that Christian should not meddle in politics, that social action is a distraction. Do we serve Christ through preaching his Word, or should we use words only when necessary?

Tim Chester argues passionately that evangelism and social action are inseparable as two arms of the church's mission. He presents a biblical case for truly evangelical social action that is shaped and inspired by the cause of the oppressed, and those involved in social action not to neglect the preaching of the Word.

This title is available to UK & Irish CMF students at a discounted price via the Take and Read pages

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