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Prof John Wyatt debating Ann Furedi on the RCM abortion controversy

mp3 audio
Prof John Wyatt on BBC R4's Today programme debating the RCM abortion controversy.
Recorded 18 May 2016.

Prof John Wyatt debating Ann Furedi on the RCM abortion controversy

mp3 audio

Prof John Wyatt debates Ann Furedi on the RCM abortion controversy.

Recorded 18 May 2016 on BBC World Service.

Philippa Taylor on the World at One re: RCM abortion controversy

mp3 audio
Broadcast 17 May 2016

Dr Peter Saunders on the RCM abortion controversy

mp3 audio

Dr Peter Saunders speaks on why the CEO of the Royal College of Midwives must step down over the abortion controversy.

Read more on the CMF blog.

Maternal mortality: is there a link with abortion legislation or not?


The question of whether restrictive laws on abortion lead to fewer maternal deaths, or more maternal deaths, is hotly debated.

Philippa Taylor looks at some recent research.

Read Philippa's CMF blog on this topic.

Duration: 2 mins

Abortion: what's right and whose rights?

mp3 audio
Recorded at New Horizon at the University of Ulster on Monday 4th August, 2014.
Dr Peter Saunders' seminar is entitled 'Abortion: what's right and whose rights?'

Thanks to New Horizon for permission to reproduce this talk.
Duration: 60 mins

Abortion and encephaly

mp3 audio
Dr Peter Saunders on aborting babies with an encephaly.
Broadcast on 'The Nolan Show', Radio Ulster, 15 October 2013
Duration: 17 mins

Moral Maze - abortion law

mp3 audio
Dr Trevor Stammers discusses abortion law on Radio 4's 'The Moral Maze'.
Broadcast 9 October, 2013
Duration: 7 mins

Sex selection abortions

mp3 audio
Dr Peter Saunders speaking on the issue of sex selection abortions and non-prosecution by the CPS.
BBC Radio 5 Live, 5th September 2013
Duration: 10 mins

The Great Abortion Divide - Panorama edited

Peter Saunders on BBC Panorama , February 2013, which highlighted the liberal interpretation of abortion law by British doctors. (Video posted by Christian Concern)
See Peter's blog about this programme.
Duration: 2 mins

Abortion time limits

mp3 audio
Dr Peter Saunders discusses proposed changes to time limits for abortion on Radio 5 Live, 8th October 2012.
Duration: 14 mins

BMA ARM - Dr Mark Pickering speaks on TWR

mp3 audio
Following the 2012 BMA ARM Dr Mark Pickering discusses the votes on abortion counselling and assisted dying.
Duration: 4 mins

British Medical Association (BMA) ARM 2012 - sex selective abortion - Motion 329

Duration: 22 mins

British Medical Association (BMA) 2012 ARM - Abortion counselling - Motion 328

Duration: 17 mins

Abortion adverts on TV and radio

mp3 audio
Dr Peter Saunders interview about TV and radio advertising for abortion providers. Broadcast on BBC Radio Humberside on 23 Jan 2012.
Duration: 10 mins

Peter Saunders debates Mental Health and Abortion

mp3 audio
Broadcast on 9th December 2011, BBC Radio 4 'Today'
Duration: 6 mins

Dr Andrew Fergusson on mental health and abortion

mp3 audio
Dr Andrew Fergusson discusses the recent paper in the British Journal of Psychiatry on the link between abortion and mental health problems in women, and the proposed amendment to the Health Bill on the provision of abortion counselling.
Duration: 10 mins
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