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Imagine what God could do...

Imagine what God could do with a movement of Christian healthcarers living and speaking for him.
Duration: 1 mins

Media Strategy, Influencing Journalists, and Media Interviews


It is one thing to have a Christian perspective on contemporary issues. It is quite another to deliver it into the public square in a way that influences public opinion and public policy. What are the essential components in mounting an effective media strategy? We will review some practical strategies from 15 years of experience of contributing to media debate.

Peter Saunders speaking at the European Leadership Forum Media Communicators Network.

Recorded 25 May 2014.

Duration: 59 mins

Lessons from a decade of leadership

mp3 audio
There is no better training manual for Christian leaders than the Bible itself, abounding with good and bad leadership models that are relevant, dynamic and practical. Dr Peter Saunders looks at good and bad decision making in leadership, using biblical principles illustrated by lessons from his own experience over ten years leading CMF.

CMF - an introduction for churches

Medical issues affect every part of the Church, from end and start of life questions, to public health issues like smoking, drugs and alcohol abuse. Doctors can support churches, and in turn churches can support doctors. CMF makes the connection.
Find out how you can help

(Right click and save to download video - 39Mb)
Duration: 4 mins

The Christian Medical Fellowship - 'Why I joined' (Vicky Heyes - student)

Sheffield medical student, Vicky Heyes, tells CMF why she joined and how it's helped her to draw closer to God and connect her with like-minded people.
Duration: 1 mins

The Christian Medical Fellowship - 'Why I Joined' (Dr Eugenia Lee)

GP trainer, Dr Eugenia Lee, explains why she joined CMF and how she believes all Christian doctors, medical students, and those working in healthcare should be a part of the fellowship.
Duration: 0 mins

The Christian Medical Fellowship - 'Why I joined' (Dr Jason Roach)

Duration: 0 mins

Dr Kevin Vaughan in conversation

mp3 audio

On the day of his retirement, CMF's Media Producer Andrew Horton spoke to Kevin Vaughan about his time as Head of Graduate Ministries at CMF.

Listen in to hear Kevin's encouragement for graduate doctors and some biblical reflections to inspire us all.

Dr Andrew Fergusson in conversation with CMF's Andrew Horton

mp3 audio
On his retirement from Head of Communications at CMF, Dr Andrew Fergusson spoke with wit and wisdom to Andrew Horton.

cmf now: short film for church services

cmf now: short film for church services

Duration: 6 mins

cmf now: doctors invitation to join

cmf now: doctors invitation to join

Duration: 6 mins

cmf now

cmf now: full introduction to cmf ministries

Duration: 34 mins
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