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Author Index - Sarah Ross

Sarah Ross is a Clinical Research Fellow in Aberdeen

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Beyond reasonable boundaries (triple helix - spring 2003)

The British Medical Journal recently devoted an entire issue to the subject of 'Too much medicine?' The term 'medicalisation' was much in evidence, having been appropriated for any situation where medicine has expanded outside its reasonable boundaries; where medicine does more harm than good or interferes too much with life....

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Juniors' Struggles (triple helix - autumn 2001)

Life as a junior doctor can be difficult. We have all seen Christian friends and colleagues struggle, even abandon their career, or worse, their faith. Is there anything we can do? In our first years, frequent job moves keep us in a state of change. Long hours and stressful conditions, difficult...

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How's your prayer life? (nucleus - autumn 1996)

I would like to change my 'prayer-life' to a 'life-of-prayer'. This is not mere sophistry. Prayer should not be restricted to that half hour before bed, or even a pious hour in the early morning. It is something that should be so natural for the Christian, and as essential, as...

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Dilemmas (nucleus - winter 1995)

How far is too far? We live in a society that is obsessed by sex. It is everywhere. Part of the entertainment on television; selling magazines which give hints, tips and check whether we are 'normal'; the latest newspaper scandal; or someone trying to sell us something. Sex is no...

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Dilemmas (nucleus - autumn 1995)

As we all know, medical students do not have as much free time as other students. We have most of each day accounted for and work to do outside periods of teaching. Therefore, it is important for us to consider carefully how we spend our free time. If you are...

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Dilemmas (nucleus - summer 1995)

Should we as Christians abstain from alcohol, or drink in moderation? The Bible has much to say on the subject of drinking alcohol. Jesus warns the disciples against drunkenness and getting caught up in life's worries, which distract them from watching for the end of the age and his return.[1] Paul,...

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