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Author Index - Robin Fisher

Robin Fisher is a GP in Derbyshire

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Caught unawares (triple helix - summer 2012)

I arrived in my regiment's depot in Winchester for a new assignment. Brian, an old school acquaintance was also stationed there. He asked me if I would like to go to a meeting where there would be a 'Christian talk'. 'Fine', I thought. I was new in town, needed to...

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Caring for Muslim Patients (triple helix - Easter 2009)

The book explores 'what it means to belong to a sacred tradition, explore the intricate connection between faith and health for Muslims and consider some of the implications of this relationship for those striving to deliver culturally competent and sensitive heath care'. The life of the Prophet Muhammad and the...

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A day in the life of a prison doctor (nucleus - spring 2007)

'I can give up crime, doc, anyone can do that - but how can I stop behaving violently? It's the only thing I know!' Michael puts his head in his hands, 'I'm going to hit someone soon, I know it, and then I'll be finished'. Michael is part of that...

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Head to Head - Should we prescribe methadone for drug addicts? (triple helix - spring 2004)

'Yes!' John Latham is a GP trainer in inner-city Dublin Heroin addiction is a chronic disease with associated morbidity and mortality as well as forensic, public health and social consequences. Methadone has been increasingly used since Dole and Nyswander's original trial in 1965.[1] Its half-life is far longer than that...

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Evangelism among Muslims (nucleus - spring 1997)

It's hard to win a tennis match with your arms tied behind your back. The trouble is, we tend to find ourselves sharing the gospel with Muslims with our arms tied behind our backs and then wonder why we don't serve many aces or even get the ball back over...

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Evangelism Among Muslims (Isa Masih - spring 1997)

Historically, Christians have been working in countries with an acutely sensitive political situation, where putting a foot wrong has meant being kicked out. We need to remember when sharing the gospel here in England, that the rules have changed. We must ‘untie our hands’ and avoid three unwritten rules, which...

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