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Author Index - Pete Moore

Pete Moore PhD is a freelance science writer and author who works at the interface of science, medicine and ethics. He is a Visiting Fellow in Ethics at Trinity College Bristol.

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Sexual Issues (triple helix - summer 2010)

We have a problem. Look at most scientific papers.While the paper starts with a question and proposes an answer, it ends by recommending further work.Although it has increased our bounty of known knowns, it also identifies some new known unknowns, and gives us a sense of other unknown unknowns out...

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Future Perfect? - God, Medicine and Human Identity (Book Review) (triple helix - summer 2008)

The Olympic authorities may ban Oscar Pistorius from competing because his carbonfibre lower limbs give him enhanced power over athletes with the traditional two fleshand- bone limbs. Is this a technical argument, or a deep philosophical and theological issue that begins with trying to establish exactly what it is to...

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cmf file 33 (2006) - world population: challenge or crisis? ()

Each year the human population increases by 79 million people - around 58 million people die, but 137 million babies are born. If we plan to house, feed and provide infrastructure for these people, we currently need to build the equivalent of a new city the size of Birmingham or...

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cmf file 32 (2006) - human suffering: Biblical perspectives ()

A woman lies in a hospital bed. The cancer that started in her breast has spread. Her vertebrae and bones are now riddled with disease and she requires high doses of pain killing drugs to numb her senses. Her threeyear- old daughter stands silently, gently holding Mummy's hand – confused...

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cmf file 10 (2000) - what is a person? ()

Who am I? It is one of life's basic questions and it has troubled philosophers through the centuries. One aspect of the answer lies in working out what it is to be a person. This is not just of academic interest. Your conclusion will affect the way you think about...

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