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Author Index - Paul Vincent

Paul Vincent is a GP in County Durham

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Stress (triple helix - summer 2014)

How to de-stress without doing less Dr Kate Middleton Lion Books, 2009, £7.99 Pb 192pp, ISBN 9780745953731 Reviewed by Paul Vincent, General PractitionerThis title intrigued me. The usual solution to stress is: do less, delegate, prioritise and learn to say no. Middleton acknowledges the need to step back, but part...

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Cynicism in the surgery (triple helix - summer 2008)

'What is a cynic? A man who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.' [1] The following might be heard at coffee time in a staff room near you: 'Don't you just hate politicians? They don't do an honest day's work. All they do is invent ridiculous...

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Beating Depression (triple helix - Summer 2003)

One of the glories of God's Word is that it speaks of human experience just as vividly now as when first written. For a detailed account of the vicissitudes of old age look no further than Ecclesiastes 12:1-7, which describe fading eyesight, poor dentition, tremor and fear of falling. Or...

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A Tragic Assisted Suicide - Prayerful commitment, not cynicism, is needed (triple helix - summer 2001)

A father suffocates his daughter after she fails to kill herself with an overdose and receives only a two year suspended sentence. The same girl had been turned out of a psychiatric hospital allegedly for giving cannabis to a fellow patient. The Media gives the impression that 'it's all the...

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No Information is Unaffected by Bias (triple helix - autumn 2000)

The Family Planning Association has issued a new six-page booklet, Abortion - just so you know, that aims to help readers understand more about abortion. But does it? The text is clear enough. It is sometimes entertaining, supported by semi-humorous sketches. It gives statistical information, like the number of terminations...

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Death of a Robot (triple helix - autumn 1998)

Surely 'Death of a Robot' is a daft title? Machines, even complicated ones, can hardly be described as living so how can they die? Yet two films most of you will have seen the first time they came out were shown again on television a while back, and they invited...

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