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Author Index - David Chaput de Saintonge

David Chaput de Saintonge is a Consultant in General Medicine at the Royal London Hospital

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Keeping our compassionate nature (triple helix - spring 2013)

David Chaput de Saintonge on maintaining empathy. Failure of compassionate behaviour in healthcare workers is an active public concern in the UK and a topic of research. The professionals who people look to for sensitive personal care are failing to provide it. Worse than that, patients are being actively...

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'The great physician' (triple helix - summer 2009)

Jesus is sometimes referred to as 'the great physician', but clearly his medical practice was quite different from ours. He had almost no effective drugs to call upon, surgery was extremely primitive and, in our terms, he was untrained. Clearly none of that would have made any difference to him....

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Battle Fatigue (triple helix - autumn 2002)

Half of consultants and a quarter of general practitioners are planning early retirement. Changes in the health service, patient demands, stress and dissatisfaction with their roles are dominant reasons. Our profession, devoted to patient care and health promotion, does little to prevent stress damage amongst its own members. Until recently...

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