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Author Index - David Jones

David Albert Jones is Professor of Bioethics at St Mary's University College, Twickenham

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the sovereignty of God and healthcare (nucleus - spring 2012)

David Jones reflects on how we talk abotu God's sovereignty in medicine the sovereignty of God and healthcare David Jones reflects on how we talk about God's sovereignty in medicine a medical student's confession I sometimes find it difficult when I hear the way my dear non-medical church family speaks...

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Embryo - a defense of human life

(triple helix - Christmas 2009)

The book opens with the attempt to rescue some IVF embryos from being destroyed in the flood caused by Hurricane Katrina. One embryo rescued that day was successfully implanted and 'Noah' was born in January 2007, named because he survived the flood! The book begins with the intuition that it...

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Exodus 21 and abortion (triple helix - summer 2009)

What does the Bible say about termination of pregnancy? Those in favour of a legal right to elective termination often argue that 'the Bible is silent on the subject of abortion (1). 'The word "abortion" does not appear in any translation of the Bible! (2) Nevertheless, it is a mistake...

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The Soul of the Embryo (Book Review) (triple helix - spring 2006)

The Soul of the Embryo begins by considering the account of creation in the Hebrew Scriptures. It then considers the largely mistaken but nevertheless influential foundations of Western thinking about embryology as laid down by Hippocrates and Aristotle. The widespread and approved practices of abortion and infanticide in ancient Greek...

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Dunstan, the embryo and Christian tradition (triple helix - summer 2005)

With the debate on cloning and embryo experimentation raging on, it is more important than ever to decide how we view early embryos. Should they be protected from destructive experimentation? Or would it be a waste not to make use of them? Christians have sometimes looked to the Early Church...

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