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Author Index - Jean Maxwell

Jean Maxwell is a retired palliative care consultant in Essex

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So many Everests (triple helix - spring 2014)

From Cerebral Palsy to Casualty Consultant Diana and Victoria Webster Lion Books, 2012, £8.05 240pp Pb ISBN 9780745955957 Reviewed by Jean Maxwell, retired consultant in Palliative Medicine This is the story of Spratty, real name Victoria, who was born in 1965 with cerebral palsy and a...

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Healing is a way of life: (triple helix - Christmas 2010)

After experiencing healing following a nervous breakdown, Canon Jim Glennon became well known for his healing ministry, from 1960 until he died in 2005. This compilation preserves his teaching as a practical resource for today's reader. Set out as daily readings (five/week for a year), each day has a Bible...

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Learning to be the patient (triple helix - summer 2009)

CMF member Hazel was a GP, police surgeon, and a doctor at a local hospice; someone full of energy and outside interests; a Christian, a wife, and a mother. She was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 50. This book stems from her journal, mixing narrative and reflection...

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Living through bereavement (triple helix - Easter 2009)

Owen is a retired minister whose wife died after they had been together for 45 years. He has shared the journey of bereavement with others, and travelled the road himself. The first two chapters brilliantly take us through the biblical view of death and the afterlife, before moving on to...

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I miss the sound of the wind (triple helix - Easter 2008)

As a child, our large garden had many trees, and I remember lying in bed listening to the wind, and feeling secure. My parents were Christians, but as a teenager I had no belief in God – religion made no sense to my scientific way of thinking. Fortunately, I now...

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